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"Most people don't plan to fail; they fail to plan." - John L. Beckley

Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three


Getting to Know Our Client/ Data Gathering

By utilizing our streamlined systems which organize, record and securely store all of your investment, business and personal financial transactions, we can get a clear picture and have more control over how we manage and execute your vision. Here is a breakdown of how we do just that:

Analyzing all the different sources of income (passive, active, earned and unearned)

  • Salaries, Bonuses and Deferred Compensation

  • Investment Income 

    • Bond coupons & Stock Dividends

    • DPP/REIT Dividends

  • Social Security 

  • Pension & Annuity 

  • Real Estate 

Identifying clients' varying assets and classifying them by

  • Risk

  • Return and

  • Outcome Potential (i.e. income, growth, income & growth, preservation of capital)

Knowing what our expenses are is a pivotal part of a financial plan.

We help our clients estimate expenses (either manually or automated) and we check in with you at scheduled intervals and adjust in order to make sure that we are always on track.


phase twO

In Depth Analysis


We use the most advanced data aggregation and financial planning platform in the industry. It allows aggregation from most financial institutions while giving our clients 24/7 access to their financial dashboard that includes

1. Investment Values

2. Current financial plans

3. Advanced reports and

4. Stress tests.

Stress Test, Protection and distribution

We run each financial plan through rigorous stress tests and different scenarios in order to find possible weaknesses. If any adjustments need to be made such as spending habits, selection of social security start age, etc, this is the place to make them.

Once we identify the optimal financial plan, we apply protection plans to the investments that we manage (via various defensive strategies)  and recommend different solutions to protect from the unexpected such as premature death, disability, market downturn and continuous care situations.

Anticipating Future Liabilities - Our distribution analysis emphasizes future possible tax liabilities such as

  • Estate Taxes

  • Income Tax in respect to a decedent and

  • Illiquidity Events

Retirement Analysis

The retirement world has dramatically changed over the last 30 years and the pension plans that were once commonplace are almost all but gone. The responsibility of differing funds for retirement and investing them no longer lies with the employer. Instead, the responsibility has shifted onto the investor.

Every good plan for achieving retirement should be independent of other financial priorities. The plan should include a strategy for accumulating the required capital and its planned lifetime distributions.

We specialize in sowing the right seeds to reap the benefits of a good retirement plan. Taking into consideration lifetime income needs, current tax relief and future tax possibilities. We assess different retirement strategies which are then matched up to the investor level determined by multiple factors such as age, number of employees, annual income and more.

More people get hurt descending from the mountain than by conquering the summit.

phase THREE

Presentation & Implementation

Once the planning phases are complete and we are in complete agreement of the what needs to get done, we implement! Most times implementation is done in several stages to allow for the right care and consideration. We keep our clients informed and updated throughout the entire process.


phase FOUR


As mentioned in the investment analysis segment, we review our clients performance and allocations very closely.



DAILY -- We watch the market fluctuations on a daily basis sampling each and every investment class and index.


WEEKLY --   We study correlation between the different asset class movements looking for trends. We also look at every clients' portfolio making sure that we remain balanced and that we are on track and do the proper re balancing (mostly cash as a percentage of the total asset allocation).


MONTHLY - We review each one of the holdings that we have selected via our extensive Morningstar workstation analysis, keeping up with the selections and best of breed assets.


QUARTERLY - We analyze each portfolio as it is a brand new account. We use a top down approach starting with the portfolio risk and return measure and then by analyzing each individual investment.

We review the total portfolio allocations and risk factors as well as each individual holding.

The services, tools and information, as well as privacy and security measures, offered herein are provided by eMoney Advisor, LLC. For more information on eMoney’s privacy policy and security safeguards, please visit SagePoint Financial, Inc. and Regev Financial Group make no representations or warranties of any kind about the information, products or services contained herein.

Phase Four
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